Meetings in general are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month (except November/December due to Holiday schedules.)  Meetings are open to the public.

Meetings are held in Hancock 2023 in the Hancock Center at Marist College (building 16 on the map) from 6:00 - 8:00 PM, with refreshments and socializing from 5:30 to 6:00.  Parking is available in the Foy townhouses and the Dyson Parking lot.

Upcoming Meetings

The HVCSC is on hiatus and do not currently have any meetings scheduled.  We expect to have meetings scheduled later in the Spring.  To keep updated on our events, please subscribe to our announcements list by sending an email to  Thank you. 


Past Meetings

Oct 27, 2015) Eric Wedaa – LongTail: Analyzing ssh brute force attacks

Dec 1, 2015) Paul Chauvet – Let's go phishing (This is the November/December meeting due to holiday schedules)

Jan 26th, 2016) Casimer DeCusatis - Why Are We Still Being Hacked? Flyer for January 2016

Feb 23, 2016) Tyler Wrightson from in Albany will be talking about PenTesting and PenTest issues.

Mar 22, 2016) John Brozycki from HVFCU/Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union talking about "Field Notes From an ISO".  Tony Sager from BlackRidge Technology will be giving a short talk about Identity Networking.

Apr 26, 2016) First Annual Roundtable meeting: Bring your questions, and bring your anwers too! This is an opportunity for open discussions about anything cybersecurity related among the entire group. Splunk vs Logrhythm? Metasploit? Wireshark? Best training? Any questions will be allowed, although answers depend on the audience!

May 24, 2016) Adam Dean from Greycastle Security, talking about Cryptolocker and other ransomware variants;  Plus Tony Sager from BlackRidge Technology will be giving a short talk about Identity Networking.

Jun 28, 2016) Al from Presidio will be talking about Intrusion Protection Systems and Intrustion Detection Systems.

July 26, 2016) Our first repeat speaker!  Tyler Wrightson from will be giving a very technical talk about pentesting, discussing tools, system requirements, and tricks of the trade.

Aug 23, 2016) NO Meeting this month, it's summer vacation!!

Sept 27, 2016) Eric Rosenfeld from IBM will be talking about IBM Mainframe security.Flyer for September

October 25th, 2016) Eric Wedaa and open discusion about Black Friday (the First), last week's Mirai botnet's IOT attack on DNS and the Dyn company.   (The prior speaker was forced to reschedule and will be at a future meeting to talk about PenTesting.)  Presentation is available at

December 6th, 2016 - Marek Brzozowski of Vandis ( will be demonstrating Splunk, a tool that aims to make it simple to collect, analyze, and act upon data generated by your infrastructure.  While Splunk is a popular tool that it's probably good to have awareness of, we hope to have a broad discussion that will be relevant to whatever you use (or are looking to use) in your environment.  Marek will be demonstrating Splunk in a live environment and going over some real world use cases.