Research Ideas

These ideas have been contributed by members are "donated ideas" to the community. These range from senior level capstone projects to possbible Masters level research.

It is hoped that if a member decides to research one of these ideas that they will in return give their results (source code, papers, presentations) back to HVCSC for inclusion in this section.

  • Log analysis of CAS logs for account hacking or denial of service. (From Marist College)
  • Modification of telnet, rlogin, ftp source code for use as a honeypot. (From Marist College)
  • Characterization of network scanning tools (How can we tell what software is scanning us?) (From Marist College)
  • Automated download of malware packages from Apache httpd error logs (From Marist College)
  • How to fingerprint Kippo, and how to patch Kippo against the fingerprint (From Marist College)
  • Analysis of captured ssh brute force tools (From Marist College)
  • Analysis of captured IRC bots (From Marist College)
  • Bash-The gift that keeps on giving, analysis of continued shellshock exploits against webservers. (From Marist College)
  • RootKit evolution: How rootkits change over time (From Marist College)
  • Barbarians through the Gate: What happens once the BlackHats login to your server (From Marist College)