Hudson Valley Cyber Security Consortium

Mission Statement

The Hudson Valley Cyber Security Consortium consists of colleges, universities, students, and business partners in the Hudson Valley interested in working together to both improve the security of our institutions, and to improve our trainining of the next generation of security professionals.

We aim to do this by providing a communications path for members to share tools, presentations, research, and research ideas, both electronically, and via meetings and conferences.

What We Are and What We Do

The HVCSC is aimed towards both students of cyber-security, and IT professionals in the academic environment in the Hudson Valley. By dual tracking our membership, we can both help develop IT staff of tomorrow, as well as provide an area where IT staff can share ideas, information, and security issues that effect the educational IT environment.

Both  our monthly meetings and our yearly conference  provide a place for papers and projects by both students and by IT Professionals, to be presented to a security audience and provide an informal place to share stories, problems, and solutions.

Where we are different from a LUG (Local Users Group) is that all the members are professionally involved in security, or are in the process of becoming IT professionals dealing with security.

HVCSC is not for managers and CIOS, but is for those IT professionals "in the trenches", and for IT/CSC/CMPT/MIS students. By narrowing our focus we hope to provide a more targeted and appropriate communications to these people.